Poker Call-Ins & Waitlist

Casino Nanaimo is NOW accepting call-ins regarding the seating and waitlist for the Poker table.

Guests may call in and speak to the Guest Services Representative upon the Casino’s opening to add their name to the list.  Messages on the answering service are not acceptable and therefore will not be considered.

At no time can a guest add an additional guest’s name to the list by proxy (absolutely zero exceptions).

All guests with positions on the table upon opening are expected to be seated at the start of the game.  If the guest is not on the table, the first name on the waitlist will be called etc.

Guests cannot call in and request to be added to a waitlist while the table is in play and there are available seats.

Any guest who is not on site when their name is called will automatically forfeit their spot on the list.  At no time will a guest’s name be moved to the bottom of the waitlist if not on site when called.  If a guest arrives after the fact, it is their responsibility to ask for their name to be added to the list once again.

Should you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to speak to Management.

Poker Hours:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday:
5PM – 12AM

Friday & Saturday:
5PM – 2AM